Moving to Manhattan

I have accepted a position as TPM for Dow Jones in Manhattan.    I will be working on a new product recently launched in beta (more details below).  So far the team has been enthusiastic, sharp, witty, fast paced, all of the things I would want to feel at home. My start date is May 8th.  I have been communicating with the team regularly in order to be ready on day one.

I never thought I’d leave Austin.  This opportunity is so perfect I had to take it.   I’ve never been happier than my time in Austin.  I felt more at home hear than anywhere I’ve lived prior.  The amount of kindness and support from my extended network has been inspiring.  In April of 2014 when my house was burnt down I had more help than I knew what to do with.  When I think of that phase of life I don’t think of how awful it was, I think of how life-changing it was to have such a safety net in friends, coworkers, extended network, even people I did not know offered help. Having so many people concerned for my wellbeing softened me in a way I didn’t know I needed.  I will miss the warmth of Texans.  Moving across the country is feeling all the emotions at once.  I am so excited.  I’m sad to leave close friends.  I am completely certain it is the right thing to do.  I’m hopeful to return to my home base, Austin, TX, as often as I can.

I just signed a lease for the Upper East Side.  I’ll be moving on May 3rd. There was about a week that I was pretty sure I was moving to the Bay Area.  All I can say is everything changed quickly.  I had two incredible offers come at once.  There was some spinning in the interim period.  I apologize if I told you I was moving to the Bay Area and then forgot to update you.  It came down to the hour that I had to decide.  I am thrilled with my decision to work with DOW particularly on such an exciting new feature.

I’m doing a crash course in machine learning.  So far focusing on Audacity offering.  If anyone has any good recommendations for machine Learning / Big Data / AI let me know.


Dow Jones launches Data, News and Analytics (DNA) Platform

April 10, 2017

  • Provides customers and partners with access to world-class Dow Jones news and data for workflow integration and the development of new information solutions
  • Now in public beta, DNA has been made available on platforms including Google BigQuery and IBM Cloud for Financial Services
  • Developers are also able to access the data from their own on-premise and cloud environment

Full press release:



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