Words Fail Me…

Words fail me when I need them the most.  A few weeks ago I was saddened that no one in my family was able to make the trip to Rio.  My Dad pleasantly surprised me by expressing his want to go.  I was scared to let my Dad loose in Rio for a variety of VALID reasons.  Enter my dear friend and tandem cycling expert Lindsey Cook.  She is go to offer Jess and I some guidance on the Rio course while giving my Dad a hand when he needs. I was so sad that no one was coming.  Then for a while I was so scared that someone was coming.  Today I only feel elated and grateful that my team will be in the grandstands for the biggest race of my life. Words fail me to express the gravity of how touched I am.

I see that Jessica Jones is taking time away from her family to make this possible.  I see Mark Alan and Vickie Bowmen Jones supporting her to make it possible.   Jess I cannot thank you and your family enough for all that they ae doing to help.  I love all of you.

You never outgrow wanting your parents to be proud of you.  I am beside myself excited that my Dad is making the trip.  He is making some major sacrifices to make that happen and I just can’t believe it. Let’s take a lesson from locate, if *anything* happens, let’s just keep our stories straight: p in in all seriousness that fact that you are coming means so much to me J

Lindsey Cook making the trip to give me some help and some peace of mind.  Lindsey is such a gem of a human being, there is no one I trust more than you. You are so special and I am so thrilled to have you on my team.

Corina, you are always the one helping me keep my sanity.  I so appreciate you.  You are an endlessly thoughtful, generous, and true blue friend to me.  I just love you.  Thank you for your uncanny ability to know when I need an off color joke, or a shoulder to cry on, or help with the logistics and finances.  You are rocking shoulder pads in the corner office J  you are TESS MCGILL. I love you J



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