Launch of Blind Ambition

blind_ambition_bookDiagnosed with a pediatric brain tumor, Patricia Walsh became blind at age five due to complications of surgery. As a teenager she struggled with depression and hopelessness.

Today, Patricia is a world champion triathlete and award-winning engineer. She has raced in over 12 marathons and ultra-marathons.

When a friend first mentioned triathlons to her in 2009, she immediately signed up for the Ironman — before even owning a bike! In 2011, she set the world record for blind athletes in the IronMan distance, blowing away previous female and male records by over 80 minutes. Patricia has a degree in computer science and Electrical Engineering, becoming one of the first blind engineers at Microsoft. Patricia is the 4 x National champion for Para triathlon, 2 x Bronze for Short Course World Championship, 2012 athlete of the year, and 3 x continental champions. Patricia will represent her country in the 2016 paralympics in triathlon.

It is the mission of Blind Ambition Speaking to help others overcome their fear of failure in order to achieve their full potential. Patricia’s strategic planning and ability to execute on goals made it possible for her to achieve a life that surpasses her wildest dreams; it is now her goal to teach others to dream big and watch as their dreams come true.

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