Patricia Walsh Blind Ambition SpeakerPatricia can work directly with your event coordinator to incorporate specific learning objectives, required skills training, and conference themes to elicit maximum impact on your audience.

General topics: goal achievement, resilience, overcoming obstacles, creating a winning mindset.

Audiences have included Microsoft, TEDX, Society of Women Engineers, Pearson, state agencies, universities, Association conferences, and corporate sales alleys.

Some recent talks:

“Blind Ambition: Life story of discovering a pediatric Brain tumor at the age of 5 to then become a Paralympic hopeful”

Patricia Walsh was hospitalized in 1986 for the removal of a pediatric brain tumor that caused her vision loss. Patricia was ill as a result of the tumor for most of her young life. Patricia then lost the remaining partial vision at the age of 14 due to complications of the previous surgery that were not correctable. Patricia’s teen years were riddled with depression, anger, frustration, and hopelessness. Patricia later became a successful engineer, athlete, and avid volunteer. Patricia believes her willingness to take on challenges at the risk of failure is how she was able to overcome the trauma of losing her sight.


“Fuel, Fire, Blaze”

It is an individual’s responsibility and privilege to provide their life’s inspiration. Patricia explains a goal hierarchy. The top level is the intrinsic motivation. This is what change you want to make in your sport/ industry that makes you jump out of bed in the morning. The second level goal is in determining what has to happen to get you there. What are the wins that have to occur in order to be able to make the change? The base level is what actions have to happen daily to support the greater vision.


“Dream Big”

Dream big, the impossible may not be so impossible. All problems can be broken down into smaller problems that can then be solved. There is power in a willingness to take on a big risk. There is surface area for future accomplishments in evaluating the seemingly impossible for what it really is, possible. Patricia speaks to the ways that we as professionals can empower our own success.

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