A Tasmanian devil in Headlights

Yesterday two people came to pick up my treadmill. They acted like they had ben reunited after a long absence. So here we are three trying to move a treadmill about 10 feet and they keep stopping to have this long heart to heart.

I stood as a third wheel wondering if I could somehow sell this interaction to a sit com or something. Every few feet we’d take a break. I really am bothered when people act like you are wasting their time, I remembered this as the list of thousands of things that need to be done were scrolling through my mind. I over heard one of the women mention that she had recently started her own business. She and I got to talking. Her business is in selling natural skin products. I was shocked at the degree of similarity between her experience and mine. She asked me if I felt like a dear in headlights most of the time. I told her I felt like a Tasmanian devil in headlights. This is a business of action action action until you wait wait wait.

I am completely motivated and not exactly sure where to start. I assume like anything else context develops over time and the gems of time management will make themselves known. In public speaking they almost always need 6-12 months to make a booking, this is challenging for me as I don’t get any feedback in real time on my approach. I am writing proposal after proposal, throwing all that energy into a black hole, and then waiting.

Inn some of the videos from my last day at Microsoft a close friend mentioned how I didn’t think I am emotional, but I really am. He is so right. I was at 24 hour fitness last night at 12:30 am and I found myself oddly sentimental that I won’t get to meet up with Coach Aaron for early morning TRX. This is my favorite time with him. We both love TRX. We talk and catch up. This morning I was on my trainer and Camilla made a pile of things I had intended to donate right by my bike. In that moment I was so thankful for my funny little devoted dog. The truth of the matter is that I am sad to leave Seattle. There are so many people here I love that I know come Sunday my heart will ache a bit. That being said I’m feeling nothing but hopeful for y move to Texas. I’m excited for this coming season. I am excited to be a more active partner in theparariathelon committee for USAT. All things look good but I think the next few days may be rough on my heart.


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