Millie’s Ice Breakers

I recently secured a pretty big international deal. Needless to say I am thrilled as things are coming together fairly naturally. When faced with a big intimidating task my tendency is to really start with the basics first then build from there. So I joined toast masters and started on their first assignment, the ice breaker. This is a 5 to 7 minute speech where you introduce yourself, discuss your ambitions, and conclude with what you hope to get out of toast masters.

I had taken Millie, Griffon and Geoff’s 6 year old, with me to a coffee shop. She and I have always been a good team. We have great adventures together and both really love the time we get to spend in adventures together. Out of curiosity I asked if she wanted to give an ice breaker speech. So here we are in a coffee shop a 6 year old and I giving speeches to each other back and forth. Millie gave a few speeches. In each ice breaker She leads with “Hello everyone, welcome to my speech, I’m Millie from America”. One of the interesting things about her is that she had been the tallest 2 year old in the world, since she was 2 she has only gotten shorter, she was taller at the age of 2 than she is today. Apparently at some point in her life she got spaghetti on her face. She is smart because her Mommy is smart. Her ambitions include having hair that is half straight and half curly, professional tap dance, and having a bed room in our new house. Millie apparently thinks she is a motivational speaker, she says “Here is the part of my speech where you are going to freak out, I am getting a room in our new house tomorrow, and you know how I did it? My parents”. So according to her thinking we can all get what we want if we just ask our parents. IHer speaches were priceless. She wasn’t so impressed with mine. Her bit of constructive criticism was that I should consider adding more jokes.


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