It takes 4 Adults to Move a Memory Foam Mattress

Have you ever tried to play basketball with a flat ball? Not like the basketball we play in my living room with no objective, foam swards, and rollers skates…. But real basketball? In 2010 I had been burnt out in a bad org at Microsoft, I had new management that I was having HR issues with on a daily basis, in addition to my ridiculously demanding schedule I had become deflated. I was a shell of myself. I needed somewhere to go on No notice to recharge. I called Griffon to see if I could visit her in Austin. Griffon has proven to be one of the most loyal, trustworthy, genuine friends I have ever had. I arrived a shell of myself, Griffon and her family took good care of me as always. I left at least improved and have sense been dedicated to reclaiming my life from the powers that be.

I’ve been in Austin since Sunday. I came down to give Griffon, a hand with the move and some shows she is putting on at The Fort (@TheFortATX). The situation is the She, her husband, and daughter is remodeling their house. They needed to move out for a year. So we decided to all find a house together. This will include Gavin from Slow Mo Guys as well. So I catch up on my blogs as I sit in what will be my new living room.

Griffon did an amazing job finding us all a place. Our yard is spectacular. We have a gravel walk away with flowers on side, a porch swing, a pond of fish… It’s a fairy land. I’ll send photos when I get a chance. I was having some serious apprehension around moving. So many changes at once. I want to better understand that human impulse to always rationalize the easy path. Moving is hard so I’ve been brainstorming daily reasons not to move. I am sitting in what will be my home; I am full of a sense of family and belonging. I know I will love it here.

Millie, their 6 year old and I made an inaugural stop at the corner store. Millie expressed to a cashier that I am blind because I don’t like to see and sometimes I need help finding my purse. She and I then took our picnic treasures and had a wonderful dinner on our new front porch. I can’t help but feel like this year will be the payoff for the past few years of workaholic exhaustion.





One thought on “It takes 4 Adults to Move a Memory Foam Mattress

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