Blind folded art movement

For years I was a volunteer at Children’s hospital. I had roles as varied as the inpatient psychiatric unit, the child life center, the ice, and my favorite as the Easter bunny. Children’s is a fantastic facility as they do everything possible to remove that sick element of hospital sterile. One of the things that really caught my attention in the time as a volunteer, and former patient, was the use of art therapy. For a while I entertained the idea of pursuing art therapy as a career. Unfortunately I was detoured from this interest as I couldn’t find one single person really making their living as a practitioner.

I just found this curious video of a blind fold medicine art movement.

I can’t say I am completely sold on this movement, if you read through the comments it is clear that I’m not alone in the skepticism. I will say that as an aspiring artist I found this encouraging. Every surface of my house is covered in art supplies of one variety or another. I have yarn, pastels, paint, charcoals… everywhere you look, and I enjoyed Dr. Toy’s abandonment of the outcome of the painting. He is in it for the process. I found it a good reminder for myself.






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