You look lovely today: I can’t see you

Walk with me through this train of Hough…. In roughly 10 hours I am going to stand in front of 400 highscholers to discuss their hopes and dreams. Feedback I have received from previous similar talks has suggested that my presentation could be stronger with some audience engagement. So all day I’ve been brainstorming how to engage 400 kids without creating chaos.

One of the many ways I am a truly blessed person is in the fact that I have friends that are very honest with me. When I suggested that I ask them all to yell out their hopes and dreams my friend explained to me gently that this was the lamest idea he had ever heard. Needless to say I’ve dismissed this tactic. When I suggested that they have one volunteer stand up they gave me a blank stare which was all I needed to know that this idea also would not fly. My current plan is to ask them to raise their hands throughout the presentation. For example I may say raise your hand if you know what an Ironman is… or triathlons…? Do you think they are going to catch on that I can’t see their hands? I can’t ask them to click or clap, that idea was also shot down….. I have tons of friends who are flattered when I tell them they look nice, they’ve never caught on. I’m going to ask them to raise their hands and trust they won’t put that piece together either.

I have reworked my usual offering to include overcoming optical, living beyond excuses, the advantages of being a risk taker, as well as living with accountability for your own life. I am trying to incorporate the brainstorming of the teachers who engaged with me in addition to working in questions from previous presentations. I am excited to try some new material. Wish me luck!

In honor of my Aunt Jant P. Munson…. Go Kyle Bush. This is my Datona 500 introduction and it’s been nuts. 200 gallons of jet fuel on fire…. I don’t have words.


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