Mt. Si recap


I had a great time this morning at Mt. Si middle school. It was so much fun to see my aunt at work. No one is sharper or wittier than Janet Munson. Seeing the energy and life she brings to the class room was inspiring. Her students are comfortable and engaged in her class room. I’m so proud of her for the fantastic work she has done. Pursuing her masters to be able to teach was an act of bravery, I speak for all her students when I say how thankful I am that Janet went into teaching. She has a gift.


My presentation went well. As always there are some lessons learned. I had some new content that I had rehearsed tirelessly. Regardless in the moment I still drew blank on a section or two and got a little lost in the flow. I would say the lesson learned is to change up the way I rehearse. Camilla and I recently completed a dog training class at pet co. The trainer recommended that you first work in isolation, then with distractions, and finally in a real world situation. I guess the same applies to public speaking. I practice in isolation. I may be recruiting some of you so for practice audiences while also joining toast masters for the opportunity to practice in a real world scenario. Everyone was happy and the video turned out great. We are our own entire worst critic. All things considered it was a very successful day. I look forward to speaking at Mt. Si again.

As always great to see my cousin Nicole Munson. Nicole is one of the most constantly loving, supportive, gracious friends a person could have. How blessed I am to have such a wonderful cousin.


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