Put your tooth in your pocket: last day at Microsoft

Griffon and I have seen each other through many major life transition, strange phases, and growing pains. I was so touched to have Griffon fly out to be with me for my final day at Microsoft. She has always been a tremendously devoted and generous friend who manages to always be there when I need her the most. Griffon missed her own event at The fort ATX )@thefortatx) to help me document my final day.

As you might imagine I had day dreamt about what the final day would look like. I saw scenes of arriving at the airport just in time for griffon to step off the escalator. I would leave the airport with one of my closest, longest lasting friends ready to take on the world. My cinematic day dreams of embracing my friend before our first attempt at domination really feel apart when my tooth fell out on my way to the airport.

I had a temporary crown put in earlier in the week. I was eating some sharpies product on the bus. I had the unmistakable feeling that my temp crown had come out. So rather than meeting my friend for a warm welcome and our prep for battle I instead had to give her directions to my dentist where she would pick me up. So I fished my tooth out of the mess and put it in a gum wrapper in my pocket. Needless to say this was not how I had envisioned the day. With all teeth appropriately in mouths we continued about our day.

I was all nerves. I had no idea what to expect. I had just a few final things to wrap up. Anticipation usually leads to one moment in time; I really wasn’t sure what moment that would be. Upon our arrival I cleaned my desk, packed my boxes, frantically sorting through 6 years off accumulated stuff, most of which was of no consequence. The team pulled together a last minute good bye lunch as a sendoff, greatly appreciated. Throughout the day we took quite a bit of video and testimonials we will soon turn into a promotional video.

I was anticipating a real high or low moment, I didn’t know when it was going to come, but I knew it would be something. Sure enough in my exit interview my anxiety peaked. The exit interview is usually HRs opportunity to ask generic questions regarding your departure and general feedback for the company. I tried to give her some meaningful feedback regarding the burn out I had experienced on a previous team. I had become so burnt out on a previous team that even after all the pain points had been appropriately bandaged I still never recovered. What I didn’t see coming was that the HR rep then launched into her own complaints about the company. I was dumbfounded. I must have given her two soccer eyes. I thought for a second that she was going to leave with me. So in my exit interview the break down was roughly 5 min feedback, 10 min HR venting to me about their job, and 15 min promoting my site while HR posted it on her Facebook, twitter, linked in etc.

I left that interview in a sprint. What was supposed to be an exit interview turned into a run like hell interview? Let me UT of here! I felt as bad in hind sight as I was rude to a close friend, Atari Nanking, who had come to say good bye. My stress level had gone through the roof. I couldn’t get to the car fast enough

A week in I must say I am feeling completely affirmed that this was the right move to make at the right time. I’m preparing for next engagement this coming Tuesday. I will be speaking at Mt. Si High School assembly. This one is fairly high stakes as my Aunt Janet P. Munson is a teacher of the school. I’ve been prepping like mad with the hopes of making her proud. My favorite part thus fry of running my own business is on all the various web forms when they ask what position you have I know type “C.E.O”. We all know that this title is meaningless in a company of one, but I must say I get a kick out of typing it.

My final day was bitter sweet. So glad to see everyone. My team and friends really gave me a wonderful send off. So sorry to have been rude to Atari. I didn’t expect I would have hit that peak of stress. I hope that HR lady finds a better position, she seemed really stressed. For now everything is coming up Blind Ambition. I hope everyone is able to make it to the launch party on March 18th, from 4-8 pm at Chandler’s crab house. I am looking at this party both as a way to launch my business but also as a way to give a thank you to all of you who have helped me over the past years. Big transitions go hand and hand with introspection. I see now ho far I’ve come. I am writing a new talk about what it was to reach for help and land with nothing to hold on to, I am astonished to have a complete turnaround in one life time. Today I have countless devoted friends and family all bending over backwards to help me. What was once a pretty rough existence is now probably the most fortunate of all the fortunate people I know?


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