Nothing says happy Valentine’s Day like Fire Extinguishers and Buckets

A friend of mine was recounting Valentines that have taken a turn for the worst. I admit he has some terrible stories; his bitterness toward the holiday is justified, although I believe I can top just about anyone.

While I was living in Minnesota, not yet 21, I had opted to make dinner for someone I had just started dating. Everything was going along as planned; food was coming together beautifully, pecan pie was looking good…. I had flowers, candles , everything you could imagine. I always go a little overboard when entertaining.

Somehow in the 10 minutes before their arrival my toilet broke and overflowed from the bathroom into the living room leaking into my downstairs neighbor’s house. While I was dealing with that the flowers set to close to a candle caught fire. The cat took advantage of my distraction and nocked over the fish bowl and ate the gold fish. To top things off the pie burnt because I had it set way to high because I forgot my stove was backwards, hot is the opposite of what you think. So whenmy friend arrives there was smoke billowing from 2 sources, about a half inch of water on the ground, a very angry neighbor, and a satisfied cat hiding in the closet. When asked “What happened?” I had noting to say for myself, not one word to even begin to explain how things had gone so wrong so quickly.

The meal turned ut beautifully. Unfortunately my friend was allergic to seafood, an I almost induced anaphylactic shock. I wasn’t aware of this alery.

Neither one of us had any money at all. We searched my couch for change and ended up splitting a frozen burrito and sharing 1 beer with the$2.35 we found barried in the mess of my apartment.

So as you all prepare for this hazardous hallmark holiday may be a good idea to keep your emergency response and poison control number close at hand. Take some precautions. Things could go wrong any at any moment. 9-1-1

American Centers of poison control centers.


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