My Resignation

After much introspection, soul searching, and calculation I’ve decided that now is the time for my over hall. I have always prioritized security over my own wellbeing. From now on I will put my wellbeing as my top priority. I can’t continue stretched so thin. I’ve felt abet of a square peg in a round whole for the past few years. I am so thankful I’ve had my time at Microsoft as that is where I have developed the skills to make my next leap possible, I have no uncertainty that now is the right time to make my departure.

I am a blend of my Nana’s heart and sincerity with my Dad’s intelligence and caustic humor. As such it’s hard to find the right fit. So I made my own job. The only field where these seemingly contradictory characteristics can work for me is in the world of public speaking. Expect my formal launch of Blind Ambition to launch mid-March (Save the dates should be out Friday, so save the date for the save the date). For a preview go to

Most of my Microsoft friends can attest that resignation farewell e-mails follows a formula;

  1. it is with mixed emotions that I leave Microsoft
  2. The best thing about working at Microsoft was the people
  3. I’ll always remember my time at the company.

Were my emotions mixed?

Does happy and really happy constitute a mix?

I do feel mixed emotions; a mix of relief, grittiness, and hopeful. I’m relieved as the square peg in a round whole life was starting to get exhausting. Combine my feeling a misfit with being stretched so thin… Infelt I was just digging a big hole for myself. I am gritty as I am pursuing my dreams whole heartedly. They are ambitious, even a longshot, but why not try. I often speak to the idea of being willing to fail gracefully rather than not make the attempt due to a fear of failure. I feel a sense of grittiness in living up to what I speak to regularly. I am hopeful, as hopeful as I’ve ever been in my life that doors will open for me and I’ll be able to find myself happily at home in my new life.

Were the people the best thing at Microsoft?

Undoubtedly the best thing about working at Microsoft was the people. I believe I could write a novel on this one.

Glen, proving himself unconditional over and over, someone who I would be completely lost without.

Christine, one of the most true blue dependable thoughtful kind people I’ve ever known.

Aalap, when I ask Aalap for help he almost always responds “Of Course” before I even finish asking.

Anjou, a friend I can be completely at home with.

Kristal who has endless talents, always so lovely, such a wonderful friend.

Aarti always so supportive and encouraging.

Jaspreet & the lovely Nikola Who have always been so supportive and genuine friends.

Rebecca Fink, My first guide and a dedicated friend. I would not have ever had the successes or continued in triathlon if not for your dedication. I am your biggest cheer leader, and in your corner in all things.

I could go on and on for pages. I have been so blessed with the friendships, truth be told I adopt all of you as family. Over the past few years anytime I’ve needed any sort of support, help, encouragement, or anything you have all rallied for me. You are all loved.


Will I remember my time at Microsoft?

I’ve been there six years. I can’t imagine I’d ever forget a big chunk of my life like that. If I do you all have my permission to commit me to an institution.


In giving my notice I felt a tremendous weight off. Firstly my boss was very supportive. He reassured me I was leaving on good terms and I can get my job back if need be. He was so supportive of my pursuit of Olympics. If that wasn’t enough in the 45 min conversation where I gave my notice Ingot 2 requests for speaking engagements in my inbox. Here I was braced for a sad negative experience and I ended up with one of the most affirming experiences of my life. Sense then I has been feeling largely sentimental. There are times in our life where the spiritual / emotional dial is turned way up. This is one of those times for me.

Thanks to everyone for being so supportive along the way.



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