Phone magically appears

All day I kept checking strange places hoping beyond hope that my phone would appear. I checked my mail box, and under my bed, in all my coats etc. I knew exactly where I had lost it; I was just hoping I hadn’t remembered correctly. Sure enough this evening I got an e-mail from my coach. Someone had found my phone and he wanted to get it back to me. For as often as I lose my wallet, phone, keys, etc. I have an outstanding rate of recovery. This isn’t necessarily an attribute of mine, more an attribute of the people of Seattle (and Beijing).

So Camilla and I just took a nice long walk in the Seattle rain, I got my phone and the resultant 45 missed text messages all asking if I’m missing from the planet,. I also heard the 12 messages Aaron and I left while looking for the phone this morning. We sounded like a finely tuned machine just as you’d expect of us.


Phew…. Glad to have it back!


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