Lost my Phone: Leave it to a Gold Fish in a Bag

On my way to the gym this morning my phone flew out of my pocket. Losing your phone is the worst. I recognized my chances of finding it on my own were very unlikely. So who did I recruit to help me? I recruited the only other blind person I know. I ran to the gym, did a TRX workout with Coach Aaron, and then recruited Aaron to come help me look. When you have two blind people *looking* for something it goes like this; Aaron is walking completely bent over using the limited vision e has to check out the side walk, using his phone to call my phone which we know is on vibrate, he’s pretty much walking as slowly as possible butt up. I am walking side to side frantically hoping to step on the phone and recognize through the soul of my shoes that I have stepped on my phone.

I believe had we had a gold fish in a plastic bag, and we set that goldfish anywhere along my path, that fish would have had roughly the same chances of finding the phone as the dream team of Aaron and Patricia. I do not have my phone at this time. In our spare time when Aaron and I aren’t working out we work on possible explanations for Quantum chromodynamics, we practice our dance routines, and we also fight crime.

Aaron and I were joking that once I make the switch from a distance athlete to a power athlete that we can commission an action figure in my honor. This action figure will have a spring loaded arm perfect for launching the little plastic purse, wallet, phone, and keys that it comes with…. To make matter worse I lost my wallet on Sunday. The good news is that it was returned to me. I had dropped it out of my pocket in a similar incident. By the time it got back to me it had clearly been run over by a car.

So if you’re getting prank calls from my number know that for once it isn’t me.

I’ll figure something out soon. In the meantime I’m off to do mile repeats.


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