Camilla’s Great Escape


My dear new dog, Camillionairre, views her leash more as an ongoing negotiation than a binding commitment. She agrees to stay on her leash the majority of time as I have agreed to feed her, covering her with blankets, and continuing to buy Kongs etc. We have an agreement.


I would really appreciate it if once in a while I could tie her up outside a store, or outside a track. So far Camilla isn’t having it. When tied up outside a store she either breaks free, or talks someone into sympathetically sitting with her while I’m gone. I get these ridiculously judgments passers by that act like I’ve abused her horrible for leaving her outside for 10 min. The best though was when I came out of GNC and Camilla had a group of Japanese tourists posing for photos with her. I thought that was hilarious.


So I upped our leash game. I bought a huge thick one I thought she couldn’t get through. Not my little power house. 5:45 am at the UW track for a workout, I tie her to the fence, it tooter her about 6 minutes to free herself.

Camilla is a very bright dog, accept on this one issue. Camilla seems to forget that I’m the one that ties her to things. She joins me triumphantly on the track with fragments of leash flying in every direction. So she ran by my side the rest of the morning. It never occurred to her that I wasn’t as happy to see her as she was to see me. Truthfully I was happy to see her I was just concerned that she once in a while trips me up.


So we made the bus trip to Microsoft on an 8 inch leash. I then let her roam the locker room free because I didn’t really have any option. She didn’t even leave me a short piece and a long piece. She turned that leash into tiny fibers. There were barely any remnants of the destruction.



So then I ended up showering in a major hurry assuming that any second the 2-3 people in this building who are afraid of dogs would walk in and we’d be presented with our next major problem of the morning. Good news is we made it through an entire shower without terrifying even one person. Camilla then soiled me several times throughout the day with my make shift leashes. She busted through twine, rope, extension cord, and finally exercise band. It was a fairly expensive day over all. Needless to say we now have chain leash with us at all times. All egos aside I do have to admit that Camilla did win the negotiations at least for this day.


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