World Championship results: 3rd overall

We had some awesome competition  at this world championship!!


Well the race went really well after the swim.  I went from 1st to 3rd on the swim, we made
up a ton of time on the bike but not quite enough to move up position.  this next year I’ll try to get out in open
water once a week so I can once and for all concur my panic in the water.  It has been my alkalis heal on all my
races.  In longer races it’s less of a
problem as you have time on the bike and run to make it up.  We were the 2nd fastest run for women overall
with a time of 19:34, and the 2nd fastest by seconds on the bike (plus we got a
confusing penalty) so we may have been faster, we were roughly equal.


All and all we did well for a first time at worlds.   The bike course was far more challenging
than we expected.  I noticed Cortney got much
more hesitant at a point.  I didn’t ask,
but I knew she had a Eason.  One of the
male teams from great Brittan had crashed right in front of s.  those turns were no joke.  Cortney said they had adhered those giant gym
mats to trees along the side of the course.
Many of them looked disheveled as they had been hit.  people were crashing all ore the place.


The run was interesting.
there was a 3/4 mile loop you had to run 4 times then a bit extra for
the finishers shoot.  It was a bit
confusing.  there were two tight turns.  Cortney was outstanding at navigating
everyone.  I have to wear the blindfold
goggles so I’m slightly less responsive as I’m sort of disoriented.


Overall it was a success.
I think my focus for this coming year will be just getting over that
panic.  I asked one of the blind men from
breath Britton.  He said he used to panic
also.  He’s been doing it for 4 years
now.  Yesterday I was a bit out as I felt
I had really blown it in the water.  the
two British girls were out of the water 6 and 8 minutes ahead of me.  They finished just a minute ahead.  It was close, we did make up a ton of
time.    My problem in the water isn’t my
swim it’s my panic.  I don’t move at
all.  When I get home I’m going to try to
rally a army of swimmers to help me get more practice.


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