What wheels?

All my blogs are coming out of order as I wrote them off line.

I have to catch up as I haven’t had much time to spend on my
computer.  Everything has been going
really well.  Cortney got here yesterday
evening.  Since her arrival it has been a
whirlwind of getting to know each other, race logistics, and navigating Beijing.  Today we took the bike up to the hotel where
the American’s are to get some assistance from a bike mechanic.  So far so good except I had forgotten the
wheels, ended up taking a cab back to get them.
The guys from Jack and Adam’s bicycles in Austin Texas were incredibly
helpful.  The bike is running smooth and
looking lovely.


Cortney and I had a good practice on the bikes.  a few rough starts as to be expected but
generally a success.  Cortney figured out
the mount, dismount, and most importantly the forward right away.


We really are immersed in westernized hotels rather than
getting a feel for China.  I imagine
that’s part of international racing.  We
were able to get a taste of the authentic for dinner.  We went to one of the Chinese restaurants a
few blocks from the hotel.  I got a plate
of raw chicken served with a boiling pot of hot spices.  You put the chicken in to cook.  the best meal yet.  It was perfect.  I hope I can learn to make it at home.


This evening I took a ridiculous nap.  I guess the moving, travel, and race fury has
caught up with me. so far so good.  We
are positioned well to race on Friday.
One of the exciting things is that we think the race is on the course of
the 2010 Olympics!!!!  I am mesmerized by
anything Olympics these days.  I met the
coordinator from the Olympic team yesterday.
I’m loving getting to know how the inner workings of the Olympic
selection work.


Tomorrow agenda is first and foremost to hit up wall mart
(believe it or not).  we need to grab
some water etc.  Everything at these
western hotels is inflated for tourists.
Then to the handlers meeting, a swim, and practice ride.  For now we are enjoying the programming of
HBO Asia.  Some weird movie featuring
Tracey Morgan, Bruce Willis, cops scenes, and
getting the script pregnant.



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