Race Day

Race day:

well both Cortney and I woke up at 6 am.  We slept fairly well until we just couldn’t sleep anymore.  Yesterday I found out that we have more competition than I had realized.  Particularly two british girls, and one japaneese girl.  I am still feeling fiarly confident, but trying desperately not to savitauge myself.

The most nurve racking thing is that our race is at3:45 pm.  that leaves you all day to be anxious and try to stay warmed up.  Usually races start at 7:00 am.  I believe that is throwing both Cortney and I off a bit.  It’s hard ot know how to prepare.

The coarse has much more hills than we had anticipated.  I believe we’ll handle it well, it just was a surprise .  We also have not had a chance to practice the swim at all.  Yesterday they had the handler’s meeting same day as practice.  Of course the time got compressed and we ended up with 40 min at the race site to practice bike, run, swim everything.  We decided bike was most important.

We then had to rush ot the openeing serimony.

All and all we are feeling good, race is this afternoon, just a matter of keeping our heads about us for the rest of the day.


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