My favorite is Rachel

The volunteers for this race have been incredible.  Most of them are students of Pollitical Science and Loar.  I had never heard loar used in that context so it caught me off guard.  From furthur discussion with these volunteers it sounds like a catch all liberal arts college but I can’t really be sure.

I laught because they have all obviously been coached on talking to westerners.  When I got through customs and met a few volunteers at the airport I was bombarded by about 8 people about 18-20 asking questions like “Whos your favorite character of friends?”  “Do ou want ‘Lie  to me’?”  “Who do you think will win America’s next top model?” “What entertainments do you like?”  They were all so excited to practice english, they are such smart and ambitious students.  They are lovely.

Yesterday Cortney and I wanted oe of them to take a photo of us.  Before we knew it we were taking photos with a volunteer,then another one, then a random dude who works at the hotel, and on and on.

Yesterday we finally made it to wallmart for snacks etc.  We left after the openning ceramony.  We asked one of the volunteers if she could help us get a cab.  She offered to go for us instead.  That wasn’t necessary ofcourse, so then she wanted to ride the bus with us, then one of her friends didn’t want her to go alone so he came, and it ended up all of us going to wall mart.  They left us at the doors.

Wallmart here is a sea of candy and alcohole.  It’s crazy.  We were having a great time, then all of a sudden it was horrible (sensory overload) and we left as quickly as possible.


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