Long Days:

We haven’t really had the access to the internet we anticipated.  We have a wired connection that is spotty at best.  So far the last few days have been a getting to know each other bananza (cortney is wonderful and a perfect match for this race), in addition to a tri legistics tornato (May be easier if I stopped forgetting key details like bike wheels go with a bike).

So far the highlights of the trip have been a walk we took this morning in a park accross the street.  We found this workout equipment for adults made out of playground aterials.  Same thing jungle gyms are made of… and I dance with some really fun older ladies for a while.  I wasn’t sure if they were ready for my super hot move where I jump in a circle, but they handled it well.

I’ll write more later.  Everything is good.  Bike is in good shape.  We had some time to practice although compressed.  We are both exausted.

There are 4 in my division of Blind ladies, and several more in the para women.  Wish me luck tomorrow.


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