Crazy eyes

Travel time from Seattle to Beijing 11 hours.  Travel time from the airport to hotel on the shuttle provided for the national teams 5 hours and counting.  I landed at 9, it’s 2:40 and no clue as to when I will arrive.  On the shuttle with me are a few others from the .S. national team, some Austrailiaand many from South Africa.  Everyone is in decent spirits although I believe we’re all fading fast.  I’m the one leading the plummet.

First we had to wait for everyone to land, that took a few hours at the airport.  then the driver got lost.  Now we are one by one dropping athletes off most hotels are closed now so the first hurtle is to find someone to check each athlete in, the seccond hurtle is that these volunteers have been trained to be very hospitible to the athletes, so they are individually carying each athletes lugage up to their rooms.  It’s well intentiond but so unnecessary.

Oh, while I was typing our bus sideswiped someone.I think this driver may be used to a scooter or something.  I can’t see what’s happeeing but I’m hearing “woah” and it’s various international forms all the time.  “Whurrr”  “Wuah!!!!”  and the internationally recognized “AAAHHHH”

I’m starting to look at each of y peers with crazy eyes.  I’m saying “Someone do something”.  I know there is nothing anyone can do to move this along, but couldn’t someone do something to at least break the bordom.  Couldn’t someone at least od something entertaining?


finally made it to the hotel.  Local time 5:15.



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