Exercise Rehab: IronMan Recovery

Thanks to everyone for checking on me.  Recovery is going well.  I am sleeping and eating as advised.

Here’s how you know you’re in recovery.  You just ate BBQ with friends, your snacking on dill pickles, and you just killed a bottle of champaign at 3 pm  No gym bag in sight…..

I believe myself to be in exercise rehab.  I’ve gone from exercise a few hours a day to none, a little walking, but nothing more.  I am eating everything in sight, corn chips, salad dressing, all the carbs I can get in my mouth….  Chocolate, all of it.  I  can’t seem to get enough.

I am taking a week off in Austin, TX with my close friend Griffon to recover.  She is prepping for the inaugural RTX for rooster teeth http://roosterteeth.com/home.php  I am volunteering to help where needed.  I find myself mixing zombie paint, and learning the finer points of blood splatter etc.  I know many creative people, but Griffon stands out among the masses, she is a creative genius.  It is fun just to watch her work.  To know that my close girlfriend is an expert at 3d carving of zombie heads from watermelons….  I couldn’t be more proud, she really has found her niche.

I went on a long rambling walk around Barton Springs yesterday. I found myself impulsively wanting to stop people, everyone was running, exercising, biking etc.  It was 100 degrees, a record breaking hot day,  I wanted to intervene.   “I am walking to nowhere, come with me!!!”  “Your skinny, it’s ok, just stop!!”  I found myself wanting to help them revolt from their regiment.  Give me a week or so and I’ll be itching to get back on the exercise band wagon.  For now I am recovering.  I am still pretty tired.  I don’t realize how tired I am, then I try to do something and crash.  Lift a table, or something that usually is child’s play, only now it seems 6 times heavier.  I ‘swam’ yesterday, I maybe made it 200 yards and every muscle in my feet and legs  tightened up, I thought I wasn’t going to make it back.

Million dollar question is regarding IronMan 3…..?   I really enjoyed this last race, Sonja and Michelle were fantastic, everything went well, and still I just don’t think I have another IronMan in me.  Race day is an incredible experience, it’s the endless hours of training at the gym, on the trainer, and the run on the treadmill….  I don’t think I have another day of 6 hours on the trainer followed by 90 min on the treadmill in me.  I felt like for every long workout I was losing brain cells to boredom. 

The story that I’ve been telling everyone that didn’t make the blog initially is that immediately  upon return to the hotel I fell asleep in the public restroom. I woke up 20 min later.  I was so confused and disoriented.  It was partially embarrassing, primarily just funny.  I was sound asleep.

I am feeling ok.  I am a bit sore as to be expected.   I may have stress fractures in my left foot.   I am generally more tired than usual.  This is my first vacation with no school, work, or heavy exercise regiment in 2 years.  i am loving every minute.  I’m surrounded by creative people doing awesome work, what could be better. 
I keep rehashing the race in my mind.  Reveling in every minute of it.    Michelle and I almost crashed the bike out of transition.  serves us right, our practice together was only 2 loops around a parking lot.  We discovered at roughly mile 7 that she couldn’t get to her water bottles without knocking us off balance.   I had to shove her bottles in my shirt and hand them to her.  i was teasing her throughout the race that the germaphobe in her was thankful to be facing the opposite direction, because I am taking those bottles and shoving them immediately into my armpit.  We lost several on the way. 

Anyhow I am taking to rehab, I’m following my 12 steps, I haven’t done any exercise in 5 days and I’m loving it for now.


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