It’s too late to warn Texas

A few of my friends had been teasing me that someone should warn Texas. Ad now it’s too late.

Yesterday everything was going so smoothly that I was absolutely certain that something bad would happen any second. So far so good. The only issue was I had mistakenly packed all my bike tools in a bag I intended to take as carry on. I ended up going through security a few times. First it was my pedal wrench, then on the second passes my bike lock, and finally on the third passes my tool for the couplers on my bike. At this point I saw the dollar amount of the tools I was about to lose climb exponentially, not to mention that I have no idea how to replace my coupling tool…… This is really a tool only used for putting tandem bikes that breakdown the middle back into one piece. So I opted to go pay the extra money to check a second bag. Back to the end of the line, through security again, No tools were harmed or lost. Everyone and everything made it to Texas intact as far as I can tell.

Pedals 101:

I’ll check the Khan Academy when I get home. I’m hoping there is a lecture series on removing pedals from one bike to another. I found an extra set of pedals, and double triple checked that they work with my shoes, but I wasn’t actually able to remove the pedals from my trainer. I finally got the right tool, and I have no idea what I’m doing. (Pay no attention to the jewelry players and other pile of tools that never stood a hence of working that is all piled up under the bike, I have no idea how they got there: p)



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