Cables all over the place

When I get home I am going to put some concerted effort into learning how my bike works. There are cables that go all over the place, each having an important task that is critical to the bikes performance that is all one big secret to me. I just match things up as they seem to fit with no rhyme or reason. Fortunately Sonja and Michelle know what they are doing. We’ll get this all together. Leave it to me and I’d have the seats pointed the wrong direction, the chain wrapped around the handle bars, and the wheels stacked in a corner.

I arrived in Texas this morning at 5:45 am. It has really been nonstop ever since.

David dame was kind enough to pick me up at the airport, he and his lovely wife Marilynn made tea, bought fruit, and gave me a place to shower etc. for the morning. Southern hospitality is no Joke. . Patty Godfrey was a god send as always. She is always such a good sport. She drove all over town all day. We registered, checked in, all the other pre-IronMan logistics that need to be taken care of, She was a riot as always. I met my guides today. Already after just a few short hours we have settled in as old friends. These women are heroic for making time in their busy schedules to come help me with this race. I am so thankful that things are working out. They are already talking about Kona potential. I am saying “Never Again” to IronMan, but as you all know I’ve said Never Again” many times too many things.

I have pangs of nerves as to be expected. I fluctuate between being on pins and needles and being steady like a rock. My favorite part of these races is all the friends and family who reach out. I have been so happy to hear from My Sister for the first time from Spain to wish me luck (so thoughtful!); My Baby Sister (the conge graduate) called to improve my morale. Griffon and her lovely family are headed up tomorrow; I can’t wait to see them! Christine will be coming Saturday to watch the race. I am always so touched when people are able make it.

My vision is always a bit of a tripping point. There is no arguing that my blindness affects my daily life, but historically have spent tremendous effort in playing it down. At these events where you are a physically challenged athlete much of the attention is around the disability as to be expected. I am not certain I’ve learned to handle this gracefully. It doesn’t bother me; it is just a bit foreign to me (hope that makes sense).

Special thanks to Jamie for being such a dependable, thoughtful, and generous friend. I really appreciated you giving me a ride yesterday, so good to get a chance to catch up with you. Also special thanks to Aalap for being such a consistently giving person. Aalap is Zoe’s vacation home. Aalap always helps me whenever I need it. I am so fortunate to have him.


1 more day until IronMan Texas.


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