13 hours to go

Iron Man texas….. I am excited, but I have to admit I can’t believe tomorrow I am doing IronMan II. Today was all the typical last minute legisics. First priority was getting the bike in order. The dilemma of the day was that we had it put to together just enough to make it hard to transport, but not enough to ride. Nigel was kind enough to pick us up, give us a ride to the expo, and make sure we got to the swim in time for the practice swim.


My homework is to determine a proactive solution for the swim. I inevitably panc. From my pre3spective Iam tieing myself to someone I have no experience swimming with, I am jumping intocold water (not that cold really but a little exaggeration helps the set up), people and obsyces are everywhere, and theseccond my head is under the water I have total sensory deprevation. It makes me panic everytime. Once I start panicing I have ahand fool of counting techniques and other mental tricks I can se to get back to good, but I have never figured out a way to stop that initial panic. Maybe this summer I’ll try more practice swims in open water. Really though, if any one has any suggestions I’d be open to hearing them. I amrying to figure outa visualization, or some strategy to keep my head in check. The panic doesn’t last that long as I have the tools to get back under control, but each time it happens I believe for a second that I’ll DNf (did not finish) the race.

Special thanks to Mac, Brad, and Troy from Quintanaroo


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