Biggest problem not so Big

I leave my house in less than 2hours! Inboard a plan to Houston in less than 5 ours. IronMan texas is upon us. Everything is packed, and checked, and double checked. Funny enough the only thing I can’t find is my check list. I guess for my next race I have to add “Check List” to my check list.

My biggest problem today was that my friends were so eager to help that I was having trouble keeping them updated about most recent problems. All of which are now handled and under control (for now).

I called 8 different hardware stores in hot persuit of 8 ft. pieces of bungee cord to use as a tether. I finally found it at REI. They didn’t know what to make of me, running in in panic needing huge quantities of bungee……. I admit it was weird. I bought 3 tethers sense I seem to lose them everywhere. No ore emergency of the cord for a while at least for today.

I’m ready as I’ll ever be, that’s about as good as it gets when IronMan is at hand.


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