Look whos on the National Team…

Today they announced the 2011 Para triathlete national team, and I’m on it!   

I am so honored to be on a team with some of my heroes including Sarah  Reinsertion, Scout Bassett , and of course coach Aaron.

Read more here:


This is just to boost I needed.  Less than 5 days to IronMan Texas!!  My bike is mostly disassembled.  This is my first time attempting it on my own.  Usually taking things apart comes pretty naturally.  I’v always had a nack for distruction, construction I am a major failure, taking something solid and getting it into pieces is my artform.

 I don’t trust myself at all to put things back together.  The only problem I am having is getting the front handle bars off.  Someone remind me to tighten every screw prior to the race as I have now undone all of them, every single on I could find, and still the handle bars hold on tight. These handle bars are now the breaks of my packing process. 

I will figure it out I’m sure.  I will search online for instructions, I can’t e the first one who can’t figure this out.

Next steps are to take everything from my sister’s graduation out of my suit case and put everything going to IronMan in the suitcase.  A trade off of piles, my living  room floor to serve as the temp storage.

As you all might imagine today is  wonderful and exciting day!  I am so excited to do IronMan texas this coming weekend, and equally excited to represent the U.S. in coming National, and (if all goes well) international competitions.

 Special thanks to John corf, and Aaron Scheidies, and Matt Miller for your suppport in getting on the National Team. Special thanks ot carolyn for your willingness to guide me at this year’s coming national championship.


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