Days are flying past

IronMan texas in 10 days. I am starting to think this race is less a physical endurance test, and morean endurance test of the nurves. So far things are coming together. There is the usual last minute things like securing a bike box, figuring out the best place to get your bike tuned up, coordinating logistics of people etc.

You inevitably have anxiety night mares all centered around “What if something goes wrong”. Scenarios like what if I ride my bike into the ocean by mistake! Or what happens if I forgot to go, or got the dates mixed up, or accidentally slept for 4 days and missed it!

In the interim I am just on taper. The impulse is to train hard up to the day of the race. Truthfuly with 10 days to go you really can’t do anything good, you can pretty much only do damage. So I am following coach Aaron’s recommendations to a T. I am drinking my electrolytes, and madly prepping.

My beautiful Baby sister graduates his Sunday. I couldn’t be more proud. I do fear that given this logistical tornado I am encompassed I could packa wetsuit for her ceremony, and heals for ironman swim.

All and all I am pretty excited. I spoke to Michelle yesterday over the phone. I can tell all ready we will get along beautifully. I look forward to meeting Sonja.

10 days and counting.


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