Frenzied Saturday

Sometime yesterday, or the day before it occurred to me that between now and IronMan is My Sisters graduation. The corollary is that anything that will get done between now and mid-June will get done this weekend. I think a bit of prerace anxiety is to be expected in any competition, add the time constraint, and some of the uncertainty of the past few weeks, my anxiety hit like a tornado at 4:07 am on Saturday morning. I woke up wide awake.


Initially I tried to go back to sleep, after an hour I relented. I started my bike ride at 5:10 am. I was done on the bike by 8:00 am. I believe coach Aaron had intended that I run immediately after. Unfortunately today I had so many random errands running happened a few hours later. The first order of business was to play tech support on the phone with Dad. First ask 20 questions to determine what program you’re using, second determine what is the problem, third try the handful of hacks that may fix it, guessing all the while…..Successfully restored the menu bar to IE8.

I went grocery shopping, got a haircut, dropped by the bank, all before 10:30 am. I never bothered to change out of my workout clothes. I didn’t realize how odd that may have appeared until I went to get my hair cut. I felt a little naked all of a sudden. I certainly felt out of place. She asked me if my race was today.

I made it back to the gym at 10:45 where I finished my run, did some weight, and ND tried the sauna. Aaron has recommended I try going into the sauna a few times a week to get use to the heat. The heat doesn’t bother me so much, but the sitting still is killer. I brought in my kindle, but I’m worried about it melting. If my kindle melts I will also melt, I love my kindle more than anything, we have become one entity, what happens to my kindle also happens to me. I was supposed to stay in of r30 min; I think I lasted 15 max. I’ll try hot yoga tomorrow. With as much anxiety as I was feeling earlier today staying still was hopeless.

Now in the late afternoon things are looking under control. Arrangements have been made, the trip is under control, I have everything I need for my sister’s graduation, and for IronMan. All that is left is to clean the house, prep the cat for her time at her vacation home with Aalap, and finish every manner of art project that is all over my house. Something got in my head a few years ago that all gifts have to be homemade. It was a nice idea, but so much work. My house is always covered wall to wall with art supplies and sports equipment. There’s spools of yarn amalgamated with ten shoes, I have so many pairs of tennis shoes that I have to get sighted people to help me match them up once a month so I stand a chance of having a matching left and right, overtop of all of that is card making supplies, paints, glue, beads all over, pieces of paper that I can’t solidly identify their origin, bike shoes, my soccer ball with bells, and ahanfull of Alan wrenches scattered everywhere. Every year I get better, and still so bad. Better means from horrible to almost tolerable.

Tomorrow’s regiment will be a swim, hot yoga, and a bike ride outside with a friend nice enough to take me out on my tandem. I am looking forward to it. The stationary bike has become my second home, but any chance I have to get doors is greatly appreciated.

Exactly 2 weeks to go!!


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