While doing the indoor 6 hour rides you’d be amazed at how quickly your brain degrades, about 2 hours in you get alittle fuzzy, 3 your pretty out of it, by 4 your just dribeling.

Here are some things I came up with while on the bike for a few hours:

  • The idea for me and my guide to race in super hero costumes. A bad idea in so many ways. I couldn’t decide on which super hero as there are very few female that I found to be that interesting, wonderwoman would simply be to showy. I chewed on this idea for probably over an hour.
  • If a blind person had the super power of invisibility; how long before someone told them? I have the same question for quantum leeping. Without that tell tale moment of seeing a mirror how are they gonna find out?
  • Was jello invented for fruit salad, or did it have some other purpose. Maybe a culture that used triangle bowls and no dessert would fit just right….?
  • Aaron and I discussed starting a picket at Northgate mall demanding that they get a Dairy Queen. We will protest the fact that there is none within walking distance of his house. We got someone to agree with us, but I can’t remember who that was……

I am sure there were others, but those are the synapse misfires that I can remember off the top of my head.


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