less than 3 weeks to go

IronMan Texas

I admit that 3 weeks prior to a race is a peculiar time to start a training
blog.  The bulk of the training for IronMan Texas has been indoor rides,
indoor runs, etc.  Not that much to write about.    I have  traveled many miles in my livingroon; I finally finished the entire series of Battle Star.  I’ve read a few books.      Now is the exciting part that last few weeks.


  • Recently we discovered that  the guide I had planned on racing with wasn’t able to participate due to a  conflict with her sponsorship.  As most of you know I was very  excited about the potential to race with a professional guide, in fact it was the reason I had taken on a second ironman.  When I heard the news I did not have the emotional reaction you might expect.  My immediate reaction was to completely resign myself to the news.  I  calmly accepted that all those hours on the stationary bike had been in
    vein, my ironman career ended last year, and that everyone has  disappointments from time to time.  I continued to train with the  faint hope that we could find a guide who was comfortable completing my  ambitious goal of 12:00 hrs. given 4 week’s notice.  We infact did  not find a guide, we found 2.  Sonja Weik, and Michelle Ford were not
    only willing, but enthusiastic about helping me finish this race.  I  couldn’t be more thankful.  Michelle will do the swim and the bike,  Sonja the run.  I admit I am nervous more than last year for a half a  dozen reasons, but I am not worried about my guides.
  • Training with Aaron:  Aaron has become my coach and he has done an incredible job!!  I see  improvement all the time. Training with aaron has been a blast.  6 hour trainer rides are no fun; at least the three that he does with me go
    by quickly.
  • Movies with Aaron:  One  fun game to play with 2 blind people is “Alternate Plot”.  The  premise is you get two very board blind athletes on adjacent trainers,  then play a movie with little dialog, “127 hours” for example.  See
    what alternative plot they come up with.  Aaron can see some of  what’s oing on, I can see none.  Aaron does his best to interpret  what he’s seeing, I interpret based on context.    Aaron  sees the guy getting rescued by a hellacopter, I see that they can’t   rescue the guy 20min into the movie.
  • Texting:  If either
    Aaron or I have your number we have likely texted you in a fit of  boredom.  Sometimes we have nothing left to do but text everyone we  know.  I have texted people I barely know in a desperate attempt to  connect to someone outside the living room.    They may  have been ironic and senseless.  We’re sorry about that.
  • Training  using blackout goggles:  I’ll write more on this later.

In summary ironMan texas is coming in 3 weeks.  The second year of IronMan  training has been a bit more focused with a more ambitious goal.  In my  gut I’m not sure how this is going to go, I don’t have a strong feeling either  way.  I have been having weird nightmares about crashing and needing  o duct tape my arm back on.  I am certain nothing like that will  happen.  I am certain we will finish, but I’m not certain about anything  else.  I am optimistic, as I said I know both guides are ready.  This  indever is overwhelming by it’s very nature, I guess if you don’t feel  overwhelmed at this point you might just be oblivious to what’s to come.

Off to go run on a lovely day.


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